PRESS RELEASE: PATRIOTIC Front In Choma Is Opposed To The Transfer Of The Town Clerk

The Patriotic Front in Choma is opposed to the pending transfer of the Town Clerk Mr. Muuka. This is because he has worked hard to transform the local authority despite many challenges he has gone through in this divided local authority. It is the wish of the party to ask relevant authority to rescind the […]

Should Herbal Medicines Such As ‘Mutoto’ Be Banned?

Should Herbal Medicines Such  As ‘Mutoto’ Be Banned?

SIBONGINKHOSI FOUNDATION   The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health Ndeke House Lusaka   Dear Sir, Ref: Herbal Medicines in the Streets Permanent Secretary we are an organization that is supplementing government efforts in the providing a healthy and safe environment in our country through various awareness activities in the society on why and how citizens […]

Is Aid Helping or killing Africa?

Is Aid Helping or killing Africa?

By Aaron Sikombe. Aid is money, food, medical care etc, which is given to help countries in difficult situations (Oxford 2011). There are three main forms of aid, economic, humanitarian, and emergency aid. The Time Magazine (2010) says aid money contributes up to 40 per cent of most African countries national budgets; it also goes […]

Livingstone Tour Operators Appeal To President Sata

H.E. Mr. M.C. SATA President of the Republic of Zambia STATE HO– USE LUSAKA Dear Your Excellence, Ref: CONCERN WITH TOURISM DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT IN ZAMBIA. Sir, without wasting much of your time we the tourism community in Livingstone, are so concerned and worried on how tourism has/is been handled in this country and particularly […]

Can Zambians Entrust A Woman For Presidency?

 By Martin Mwango For sometimes I have been thinking that one time our nation will be ruled by a lady, looking at the number of women who are well educated in our nation. To the contrary women in politics, in music industry and in other social sectors in Zambia have never convinced us to have […]



  By Anna Malikana. The above was discovered during the women’s week in Kabwe’s – Kamushanga compound in 2010.  The residents call her Mama UNIP.  On inquiring we found out that she was part of the youth women under  Mama Julia Chikamoneka.  The woman is 73 years old with good memory of what happened during […]

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