Kay Sifuniso: First Black, Female Zambian Journalist

Kay Sifuniso: First Black, Female Zambian Journalist

WHEN she reported for work at the Central African Mail, the forerunner to the Zambia Daily Mail, her first assignment was to cover a football match. Despite her protestations that she had no idea about football, her editors Richard Hall and Kelvin Mlenga insisted that she goes to cover the match. With little option, she […]

4 Ways to Deal with People Who Hate You

By Mubita C. Nawa There are people who love you and those who don’t. Here is a simple recipe on how to deal with those who may dislike you. 1- Forgive them for they probably don’t know what they are doing. 2- Defeat them with more success. It’s really not you they dislike. It’s your […]

6 Kinds of People You Must Stay Away From

6 Kinds of People You Must Stay Away From

By Mubita Nawa 1. Ignorant People. These talk about anything anytime anywhere and anyhow without facts. 2. Gossipers. These fabricate any kind of lies without moral clarity. To them black is white and white can be black depending on the day. 3. Lazy People. They want a good life without working for it. 4. Jealous […]

Man Refuses To Stay In Sexless Marriage

A SEXUALLY-STARVED husband of Kitwe has refused to continue in a sexless marriage after his wife started denying him his conjugal rights for the past one year. Albert Kapambwe begged the Garneton Local Court to dissolve his six year old marriage because he has not been intimate with his wife for the past year. Albert […]

Wife Seeks Divorce After Failing To Meet Husband’s Demands

UNABLE to put up with her husband’s ‘abnormal’ sexual appetite, a newly-wed of Chipata district has opted for divorce. The emotionally charged Salifa Miti, 21, of Chikoka village said she is not interested in being a sex slave for her husband Kennedy Mwanza 27, who demands to have sexual relations even when she is menstruating. […]

‘My Hubby Denies Me Conjugal Rights’

GODLY COUNSEL with PASTOR KATAI Dear Pastor, I am a woman aged 40 with a 19 year-old-son. I have been married for seven years though I do not have a child with my husband, reasons being that from the time we married we have not been frequently having sex. When we were dating, we agreed […]

My Wife Is Scared Of Sex!

Dear Readers, It’s been 8 months since I got married through an arranged set-up. My wife is an educated, working professional, born and brought up Lusaka. My problem begins with the fact that we don’t share a physical proximity. She says that she doesn’t feel strongly for me. I do understand that a person involved […]

Good Values a Compass For Life

YOUTHFUL LIVING with PASTOR MOYO M THIS world offers so many opportunities. However, some of the youths get confused in the midst of numerous opportunities that they end up doing nothing but become mere spectators, embittered gossipers and jealous of those who are pursuing their dreams. But it is important to realise that you were […]

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