‘I Need A Woman Who’ll Appreciate My Love-Making Techniques’

A Lusaka man fed up with his wife comparing him to her former lovers has begged the Matero Local court to grant divorce so he can also meet a woman who will appreciate his lovemaking techniques. Barely one year in marriage, Keno Mainga, 33, of Lusaka’s Chazanga township tearfully rejoiced after he was granted divorce. […]

Mail From Reader: I’ m Obsessed With My Married Neighbour

Dear Readers, I am a 24-year-old, who’s absolutely besotted by her 30-something neighbour! I keep on obsessing over him the entire day and he’s caught me staring at him quite a few times, and always reciprocated with an embarrassed smile, but the real deal here is the fact that he’s married. And, now for the […]

I Slept With My Best Friend’s Boyfriend!

Dear Readers, I have this best friend I absolutely can’t do without and share everything with her, but now a secret that I have kept from her is bothering me so much that I have lost my sleep over it! I met her boyfriend at a party and we sort of hung out together that […]

Franciar Shows Off Her Man (Photo)

Franciar has been on the Zambian music scene for sometime now . She first got the spotlight with her hit single “Umutokofyompo” . Since then she has gone on to make other hits such as “Computer” featuring Pjay and “Walasa” feature Macky 2 . Franciar  has finally decided to show off her man but did not […]

Singer Dambisa In Hot Bikini Photo:

Singer Dambisa  In Hot Bikini Photo:

The ‘Kaduka chain’ star shared her bikini photo with fans yesterday on facebook with caption ‘getting ready for a video shoot with Kachanana and yellowman. To follow Dambisa click here

​He Used Me But I Still Love Him, Please Help?

Dear Readers, I am 24 years old and in love with a 31-year-old married man who has two children. I met him when I was 18 and he used to live in my neighbourhood. He forced himself on me several times before he got married. But soon after, I started loving him. He used to […]

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