The Lady I Want To Wed Is HIV+,Will My Family Accept Her?

Dear readers, I am a young man about to wed a lady I am deeply in love with; she is HIV positive and am not. I introduced her to my family recently and I love her despite her status and have resolved to marry her in the next six months. But how do I convince […]

‘Two Women Are Pregnant For Me At The Same Time’

My longtime girlfriend and I are expecting our first child together and are planning to marry in December. But I was also seeing someone on the side and she’s also pregnant. To be honest I feel bad because she was a virgin and she’s very young – just 19. I am 33. I don’t know […]

See The Foods That Help Men Satisfy Their Wives

It is only a woman that truly loves her husband that will tell him that he is not satisfying her in bed and even join him do all it takes to improve his bedroom skills. Below are things that can help: Green tea: Drink 1-3 cups per day. From cancer prevention to weight loss to […]

‘Am I A Side Chick?’

I met this 27-year-old guy sometimes in January and we became best of friends in no time as we complement in a lot of ways.  Sometimes in March, we started doing a lot of stuff romantically except for penetrative sex because I am still a “virgin”. Fast forward to now, we  are like couples but, […]

Zone Fam To Release New Song With Ice Prince

Zone Fam To Release New Song With Ice Prince

Earlier this year the crew announced that they will be releasing a song featuring a west African artist and now finally in a series of Facebook posts Zone Fam has publicly announced the two west African music giants that are featuring on there upcoming single titled “Slow Mo (Motion)“. The cut which will emerge to […]

Roberto Explains Inspiration Behind ‘Amarulah’

Roberto, who has been riding the crest of the wave with the song Amarulah, is in Rwanda where he was gracing former Big Brother Africa hotshot Arthur Nkusi’s show on Friday in Kigali. In one of the interviews he conducted there, he revealed the inspiration behind Amarulah; and the answer is not exactly what you […]

Here Is How Much s*x A Couple Should Have

It’s a conflict that comes up in almost every relationship that has managed to last for a year or two (or maybe even just a few months). It causes tension, fights, and hurt feelings. Often both partners feel misunderstood and frustrated. Regardless of their satisfaction level, most couples will eventually have some conflict regarding s*x. […]

Lamentations Of a Divorced Mother

LIFE! WHAT A JOURNEY with CHARLES CHISALA THE blue and white Toyota Hiace mini bus was finally full, and the skilled driver nudged it out of the overcrowded and noisy station. The vehicle headed towards one of Lusaka’s well-known townships. One woman kept clucking her tongue and shaking her head without uttering a word. Those […]

Magg 44, Chungu, Pompi Nominated For 2015 Groove Awards

Gospel artistes Magg 44, Abel Chungu and Pompi have been nominated in the Best Southern African Artiste category at this year’s Groove Awards scheduled for June 1, 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya. Speaking to the Weekend Mail, Pompi, who is a Groove Award 2014 winner, said the nomination gave him a great feeling. “It’s awesome to […]

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