French Emergency ‘Until IS Defeated’

France will seek to keep its state of emergency until a “total and global war” against so-called Islamic State (IS) is over, Prime Minister Manuel Valls has told the BBC. The measures were introduced after the IS-led Paris attacks on 13 November and then extended for three months. Such a move gives police more power […]

China Economic Growth Slowest In 25 years

Analysts have said any growth numbers below 6.8% would likely to fuel calls for further stimulus. China’s economy grew by 6.9% in 2015, compared with 7.3% a year earlier, marking its slowest growth in a quarter of a century. Beijing had set an official growth target of “about 7%” for the world’s second-largest economy. Premier […]

US Imposes Fresh Sanctions On Iran

The US has imposed fresh sanctions on Iranian companies and individuals over a recent ballistic missile test. The new sanctions prevent 11 entities and individuals linked to the missile programme from using the US banking system. The move came after international nuclear sanctions on Iran were lifted as part of a deal hailed by President […]

French Brain-Dead Drugs Trial Man Dies

A man left brain-dead after an experimental drug trial in France has died, local media report. He was one of six people being treated in hospital in the city of Rennes. The other five remain in a stable condition, the hospital said, four had “neurological problems”, the fifth had no symptoms. Reports that the drug […]

North Korea says nuclear test shows it could ‘wipe out’ US

North Korea’s U.N. mission claimed Wednesday that its successful nuclear bomb test showed that it could now “wipe out” the United States, as the U.N. Security Council grappled with a response to the underground blast. North Korea called it a hydrogen bomb and said the test “scientifically proved the power of the smaller H-bomb,” though […]

Blast Near Pakistan Polio Centre ‘Kills 14′

At least 14 people have been killed in a blast outside a polio vaccination centre in the south-western Pakistani city of Quetta, officials say. Many of the casualties are thought to have been police guarding the clinic. Armed guards are routine for polio workers in Pakistan, who have been the target of many deadly attacks […]

Israel Says Four Palestinian Knife Attackers Killed

Four Palestinians have been shot dead after trying to stab Israeli soldiers in two incidents in the occupied West Bank, Israel’s military says. Three attackers were killed at Gush Etzion Junction, where similar incidents have occurred, and the fourth was killed near Hebron, the army said. No soldiers were injured. Palestinian health officials confirmed the […]

US Republicans Attack Obama Gun Control Moves

Leading US Republicans have denounced President Barack Obama’s move to tighten gun controls. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said the executive orders, which bypass Congress, “undermined liberty” and would be challenged in court. Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said that, if elected, he would reverse the measures. In an emotional address on Tuesday, Mr […]

North Korea Announces Hydrogen Bomb Test

North Korea says it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb amid reports of a tremor near the main nuclear test site. State media announced the test after monitors detected a 5.1 magnitude quake close to the Punggye-ri site. The North is thought to have conducted three previous underground nuclear tests there since 2006. A hydrogen […]

Saudi Arabia’s Allies Bahrain, Sudan And UAE Act Against Iran

A number of Saudi Arabia’s allies have joined diplomatic action against Iran after the Saudi embassy in Tehran was attacked amid a row over the execution of a Shia Muslim cleric. Bahrain and Sudan have both severed relations with Iran, and the UAE has downgraded its diplomatic team. Saudi Arabia on Sunday severed ties and […]

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