Singer Mampi Stuns In New Hair Style

Singer Mampi, who is also ranked as Zambia’s most popular female artist shared the new look on her facebook pageThe singer also attended Marky 2’s wedding last weekendLooking gorgeous. Share

12 Wrong Reasons To Get Married

Being married is certainly not a life step that should be taken lightly. But often times, people do it for all the wrong reasons and it ends up leading to a bitter marriage or even divorce. These reasons below are the worst reasons to settle down. 1. You Are Afraid To Lose Him/Her: Using fear […]

Lusaka Woman Divorces Sick Husband, Fined K2,000

A 30-YEAR-OLD woman in Lusaka has divorced her sick husband, and has been ordered to compensate him with K2000. This is in a case in which Veronica Hadangu of Garden House sued her husband, Tumushye Muyendekwa, 27, of Chibolya compound for divorce. However, Muyendekwa said that he still loves his wife. The two got married […]

Ndola Woman: My Husband Is No Longer Giving Me Good S*x

Dear Readers, I have been married for five years and have two boys In Ndola. I am still the way I was before child-bearing. My shape and slim looks are still intact and many people who don’t know still see me as a hot spinster and I always tell the guys that I’m happily married […]

Dear Readers: My wife Just Threatened To Cheat On Me

From a male reader My wife just caught me cheating on her again and swore to me that next time I do it, she will retaliate by cheating on me. I didn’t believe her until she swore with our children and she said this with so much anger and tears. I don’t know if I […]

9 Interesting Uses for Beer!!

9 Interesting Uses for Beer!!

Who knew your favorite happy hour brew had so many practical uses? 1. Restore volume to limp hair To add oomph to strands, combine 3 tablespoons of beer and ½ cup of water. After washing your hair as usual, rub the mixture into locks and let sit for 5 minutes, then rinse. The beer’s B […]

Zambian Musician OC Gets “GOOSE BUMPS” In USA

MUSICIAN Obrien Mwaka popularly known as OC describes his stay in the United States of America as beneficial because he has managed to record a 17-track album called, “Goose Bumps”. OC, who left the country for a Jubilee tour in the US last October, says his latest album has come with a new touch and […]

The Lady I Want To Wed Is HIV+,Will My Family Accept Her?

Dear readers, I am a young man about to wed a lady I am deeply in love with; she is HIV positive and am not. I introduced her to my family recently and I love her despite her status and have resolved to marry her in the next six months. But how do I convince […]

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