Of Prostitutes On The Loose

TORN APART with BOYD PHIRI IT IS not always that you hear prostitutes trekking to another town en mass in search of greener pasture. I mean, who would guess that the plight of retrenched miners in Mufulira would bring fortune to commercial sex workers from other towns. Of course, the quest by call girls to […]

Zambia- Let’s Enter 2016 United, Focused and Objective

By Joe Mwansa Lombe Kaluba I read some where on social media someone asking this question. “Why do we celebrate the beginning of the year instead of the end of the year?” Good question. I think the situation is that most of us are very exited about what is new. We easily forget what we […]

Advice To Ladies Who Date Married Men From BFlow

Singer Bflow has come for Ladies who go out with married men. On his facebook page he wrote: “If you’re going out with a married man you are a SIDE PLATE. Instead of praying and waiting for your own man, you’re wasting your time and your body with a wrong man (Mr left not Mr […]

Are Men Attracted To Women Wearing Waist Beads?

Beads are usually small round pieces of pierced glass, wood or metal strung together to serve as adornment for the waist, neck or ankle beads. Waist Beads are common with females and they are an excellent tool for women to feel more feminine and beautiful. These beautiful gemstone waist beads are hand made and customized. […]

Slap Dee Vs Macky2 Show Coming Up On Christmas Eve

Before the year 2015 closes, music lovers have a chance to know who the king of hip hop is as preparations for the official and first -ever hip hop contest between two rival stars Mwila Musonda aka Slap Dee and Mulaza Kaira popularly known as Macky2. The show has been set for Christmas Eve at […]

Of New Year’s Resolutions

TORN APART with BOYD PHIRI IT’S that time again when people develop fantasies of self-reform, I mean, every December individuals making resolutions to change their course of life in the New Year. It seems good timing for one to make resolutions while everyone is feeling guilty about not accomplishing the previous vows on their lists. […]

My Husband Threatens To Kill Me For Denying Him Sex

A 38 year old woman has narrated before a Lusaka local court how her husband threatens to kill her with an iron bar for denying him sex on grounds that he bolted with his widowed lover for two years. This was heard in the Kanyama local court in a case where Mulenga Kabwe of Lusaka’s […]

Why Are First-Born Kids The Brainiest And Smartest

According to a recent study, if you’re older than your siblings, you’re likely to be smarter than them. Research by a team from Leipzig University in Germany claims to show each child after the first is slightly less bright as they have to “share” parents. Scientists also suggest that having your parents’ undivided attention means […]

This Lady Has Helped Me A Lot But All She Wants Is Marriage

Dear readers, I met a girl after my graduation in 2013, but then she wasn’t working, we met and started dating. Two months to our relationship she got a job and has being supporting me financially because am still yet to get a job. She rented an apartment for me and even furnished it, she […]

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