Can We End The HIV/AIDS Epidemic?

FOR a disease that has affected virtually every person on the planet for decades, with no cure in sight yet, it seems to be a pipedream to think that the end to the AIDS epidemic could be achieved soon or even later. For Zambia, especially, despite many efforts to reduce the prevalence rate, it still […]

Over 750,000 Zambian HIV Patients At Risk

OVER 750,000 people living with HIV are at risk of developing resistance to drugs owing to alcohol and non-adherence tendencies among patients in Zambia. Community Initiative for TB, HIV/AIDS and Malaria (CITAM) programmes officer Kunyima Banda said the challenge of adherence and non-compliance to HIV and TB drugs had contributed to the causes of the […]

Top 9 Breakfast Mistakes To Avoid

Top 9 Breakfast Mistakes To Avoid

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what people do not know about this meal is that if they skip this meal, it could have an adverse effect on their weight. Akansha Jhalani, Registered Dietitian and health blogger at Beyond The Weighing Scale, helps you decode the myths associated with breakfast, so […]

Farting Frequently Is A Sign Of Good Health!

Although it brings embarrassment for you at public places, flatulence can, in fact, be a sign that you are eating healthy food. According to health experts, passing air frequently is actually a sign of good health as passing air prevents bloating. “We saw that those who ate whole grains were more flatulent and had several […]

8 Myths About Emergency Contraception

In a recent survey conducted by a sexual health charity, 59 per cent of women said they know only ‘a little’ about emergency contraception, while 12 per cent said they ‘don’t know very much’. Meanwhile, 3 per cent said they know ‘nothing’. The survey, of over 2,000 women aged between 16 and 54, also revealed […]

Myths And Facts About Male Infertility

Society mostly saddles women with the responsibility of bearing children, which means it’s the women who are blamed for being infertile should there be a delay or absence in pregnancy. Today, we’re destroying such myths by presenting a must-know list of myths and facts about male infertility. Here’s a teaser – did you know that […]

Chingola Has 1,700 New HIV Infections’

CHINGOLA district has recorded 1,700 new HIV infections from January to June 2015, which have been attributed mainly to the town being located in the transit corridor and also increased prostitution, district Aids Task Force (DATF) co-ordinator John Lumbwe has said. Reverend Lumbwe said in Chingola last Friday during the end of year briefing to […]

HIV+ Men Can Be Circumcised

Men living with HIV are increasingly undergoing male circumcision as it helps reduce the chances of getting re-infected. This has also been proven to decrease the risk of passing on the human-papilloma virus (HPV) that causes cervical cancer to their partners. According to Ministry of Health and Child Care ministry statistics, a total of six […]

Social Networks Influence Academic Performance Among Students

Social networks influence academic performance among students, finds a new study. Students tend to perform better with high-performers among their friends, as some people are capable of inspiring others to try harder, according to the researchers from the HSE Centre for Institutional Studies in Russia. The recent studies indicate that the role of the social […]

Scientists Reveal 100% Effective Hangover Cure

Scientists Reveal 100% Effective Hangover Cure

Hangover cures, whether it be drinking coffee, downing a fizzy drink, tucking into a fry-up or even the ‘hair of the dog that bit you’ are pretty much a waste of time and effort, scientists have concluded. Even drinking water, they say, will fail to prevent anyone incautious enough to overdo the alcohol from suffering […]

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