Active Zika Found in Saliva And Urine

Active Zika virus has been detected in the saliva and urine of patients, Brazilian scientists say. The finding does not mean the virus can be readily transmitted through the bodily fluids. The main method of infection is via mosquito bites, but scientists are investigating all other possibilities. While Zika infection is normally mild, it has […]

HIV Breakthrough! Spain Finds Functional Cure For HIV Virus (Confirmed)

Doctors in Barcelona, Spain believe they have found the cure to HIV – the AIDS-causing virus that affects the lives of more than 34 million people worldwide, according to WHO. By using blood transplants from the umbilical cords of individuals with a genetic resistance to HIV, Spanish medical professionals believe they can treat the virus, […]

Sexually-Transmitted Case Of Zika Virus Reported In US

The first case of the Zika virus acquired through sexual transmission has been confirmed. The patient, from Dallas, Texas, reportedly had sexual contact with an individual who had recently returned from a country where Zika was present and had contracted the virus. Until now, it was thought the virus was only transmitted by mosquitoes, although […]

Bad Breath Could Be A Sign Of Erectile Dysfunction

You may want to think that the terrible dragon breath is a sign of poor oral hygiene. However, halitosis could point to a liver condition. When suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis, the body is unable to effectively break down and use glucose as energy source. So, it opts to break down body fat instead. As a […]

Stare At Boobs For 10 Mins To Live 5 Years Longer!

Stare at women’s breasts for 10 minutes a day and increase your life span by five years, that’s the conclusion of a new study. According to a German research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, men who stare at women’s breasts for 10 minutes a day live five years longer. The study claims […]

5 Daily Habits That Are Making You Fat

5 Daily Habits That Are Making You Fat

Taking big bites: It is widely believed that people who take big bites while eating, consume more calories as compared to those who take smaller bites. So, when you take a bite, chew it properly so that it gives you the feeling of having eaten enough. Not drinking enough water: People who consume less water […]

SEX Daily Lowers Risk Of Prostate Cancer

SEX Daily Lowers Risk Of Prostate Cancer

A recent study has pointed out that men, who have an orgasm every day, have a lower risk of prostate cancer than men who do not ejaculate regularly, according to a new study. The study showed that men who ejаculated more than 21 times a month had a 22 per cent lower risk of getting […]

QUIZ: What Type Of Brain Do You Have?

QUIZ: What Type Of Brain Do You Have?

1. Your friends would be most likely to vote you A. As the most famous person at work B. Someone who isn’t that social 2. In the morning you get dressed according to A. Whatever comes to your mind B. As planned the previous night 3. If you had to work on two projects at […]

Things That Help Men Last Longer In Bed

Most men are insecure about two things: sex and penis size. Men from all walks of life pride themselves on the size of their penis and their duration in bed, believing an above-average size and performance can feed the sexual appetite of their partner. Although men can’t do much about the size of their genitalia […]

Can We End The HIV/AIDS Epidemic?

FOR a disease that has affected virtually every person on the planet for decades, with no cure in sight yet, it seems to be a pipedream to think that the end to the AIDS epidemic could be achieved soon or even later. For Zambia, especially, despite many efforts to reduce the prevalence rate, it still […]

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